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There are a staggering amount of adoption registries on the web. Many are on a small scale, being specific to a certain state, county or province. There are volunteer registries as well as pay-for-service adoption registries.

Frequently, when searching, adoptees and birthparents have very little information to go off of. Most adoptees have little or no knowledge of their birth name or place of adoption. Birthparents may not even know what state the adoptive parents of their birth child lived in at the time of adoption or even the gender of the child. Adoption registries can be used even if there are large gaps of information missing.

Find a listing of paid adoption registries at

Reunion Registries.

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Guest - 2 months ago
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I am looking or searching I shouldsay for my sister and half brothers. My sister is in the Solihull district and was born on 1st September 1954 and brothers I believe maybe 2 yesrs later and adopted through a Worcestershire area. please please help me fill this void in my life. #1
Barbara Arnold - 3 weeks ago
Looking for adopted brothers siblings he was born nov 1948 or 1949 in the Seattle Bellevue WA area #2
hilda ann gasper - 3 months ago
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Hi, my name is Hilda I am looking for my biological son his date of birth is 12/13/1977 he was born in Buffalo,N.Y. at Women's and Children's Hospital. He was then adopted in Philadelphia,Pa. I have been looking for my son for sometime now I miss and love him very much please xxxx #3
Hilda Ann Gasper - 3 months ago
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I am looking for my son he was born in Buffalo, N.Y. at Women's and Children's Hospital.He was adopted in Philadelphia, Pa. between the years of 1983/1986, please help me reunite with my son his name is Jason John #4
Hilda Ann Gasper - 3 months ago
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Hi I am looking for my biological son his date of birth is 12/13;1977 and he was born at Women's #5
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